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Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!

Random Chaos

Wed Oct 18 04:52:19 IST 2006

Up, up and away...

After ~300 days in Bangalore finally getting out of here, on one of my "most planned" trips ever.

Even though it was mostly decided in the last week and I got the last of my tickets around 15 hours ago. Considering my past history of travel and how plans change in the last minute, this is something I've never done before.

It started off as a week long trip to Dharamsala to attend Air Jaldi, got extended when a friend in the Army invited me to spend a week with him in Kashmir, and then the hunt for cheap tickets resulted in getting extended further. I'll now be gone for ~20 days and have all my tickets and hotel bookings in place.

Leaving Bangalore at 0800hrs on October 18th, and returning back November 8th.

Delhi - Oct. 18-20, 26, Nov. 7.
Dharamsala - Oct, 21-25.
Srinagar - Oct 27.
Kargil/Ladakh - Oct 28-Nov 6.

Plan to write during/about the trip, and update as and when I get online. But there'll definitely be a lot of photos once I return!

Time to finish packing now!

(Oops. Forgot to publish this before I left home.. More updates coming soon.)

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