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Thu Apr 9 23:30:32 IST 2009

Updates in progress...

Been more than a year since my last update. Lost a lot of changes I had made in a hard disk crash last year so having to redo most of it. Working on changes to the backend and the structure of the site. So some parts of the site may not work as expected.

Don't bother reporting any breakages until after my next update!

Fri Nov 30 23:01:58 IST 2007

Looking for work...

I'm going to try being diurnal for a while and so on the look out for a short-medium term consulting/contract job.

Here are my primary expectations...

Thu Nov 1 02:50:25 IST 2007

All settled in...

Little over a month after I moved to the new server, I have pretty much everything working to satisfaction.

The biggest change is after 10 years of emailing, I'm using Spam Assassin to tag my mails. I'm still not filtering them out at the server, but will probably do that once I have the bayes system trained. And I'm hoping the spam quantity won't shoot up beyond humanly scanable levels for catching false positives.

Wed Oct 10 03:06:46 IST 2007

Lithium Ion Battery Maintenance Tips

I seem to be repeating this stuff quite often, so about time I put it up here and just point people to it.

Last year my iBook's battery started deteriorating and eventually died. It barely lasted 2 years. So I did a bit of searching around and found a lot of interesting information which is essential knowledge for anyone using Lithium Ion(Li+) batteries, which today is anyone with a laptop, mobile phone, camera, media-player(iPods and the like) with built-in rechargeable batteries.

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 17:54:39 +0530

Moving Day Sept. 2007, Goodbye Hurricane Electric.

After 7 years of being hosted at, I've moved to a Xen based VPS at BigVPS.

Costs a bit more than what I was paying earlier but I get much more control over the software. More complete XSLT support with PHP5 for starters.( has recently started offering php5 too but I wasn't aware until after I'd moved.) And some headaches since I'll now have to deal with spam myself.

Tue Sep 11 02:55:15 IST 2007

Low Power Computing (Pt-1) a.k.a. Dealing with Unreliable Power Supply

A few months ago, my UPS which had been powering my computers and routers since 2003, almost gave up the ghost, luckily I managed to get it repaired at no cost. But it was time to get a new power backup system in place.

The old UPS, an APC Backups RS-1500 with a BR24 Battery Pack used to power my machines(~300Watts of load) for around 1-1.5hours. Which wasn't anywhere enough to deal with the power outages in Bangalore. My iBook's 5.5+ hours run time and GPRS that helped me get through them over the past 2 years.

Wed Oct 18 04:52:19 IST 2006

Up, up and away...

After ~300 days in Bangalore finally getting out of here, on one of my "most planned" trips ever.

Even though it was mostly decided in the last week and I got the last of my tickets around 15 hours ago. Considering my past history of travel and how plans change in the last minute, this is something I've never done before.

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