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Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!

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Thu May 25 11:49:56 IST 2006

The new "open" BLUG

After putting put my response to the managers of LB/ I requested the "co-ordinator of the BLUG" to extend me the same courtesy that was extended to the managers of LB/ No action was taken 24 hours after my request.

So I mailed the people Cc:'d below, and this is the response I received...

Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 11:46:36 +0530 (IST)
From: Atul Chitnis <mail*AT*>
To: Kingsly John <kingsly*AT*>
cc: linux-bangalore-non-tech-owner*AT*, surjodas*AT*,
   Kaustubh Srikanth <kaustubh*AT*>
Subject: Re: A Request

I just found this mail after Surjo told me about it.

1. There is no question of anyone "forwarding" any mail to the list on 
your behalf - if you want to say something on the list, join the list and 
post. As long as it fits the rules that you yourself have established, it 
will be allowed to go through.

2. The site will not be used for propaganda by non-BLUG members. 
You have not been a BLUG member for several years now - you have neither 
attended any meets nor been a member of the lists since then.

If you wish to be considered a BLUG member, attend the next BLUG meet, 
state your case, face questions, just like I did during the April meet.


On Thu, 25 May 2006, Kingsly John wrote:

> All:
> I'd like to request you to forward this mail to the non-tech list which I
> believe is the "appropriate mailing lists" mentioned on the website. And I
> request's co-ordinator and webmaster to make an appropriate post on
> the website mentioning the fact that I have responded to the letter
> from the managers of LB/ and post the appropriate links.
> It's been 24 hours since I requested the co-ordinator to extend me the same
> courtesy extended to the managers of LB/ But no action has been taken
> to that effect.(He has since updated the site with details of the monthly
> meet.)
> TIA!
> --- In linux-bangalore-non-tech*AT*, "Mahendra M"  wrote:
>> As discussed, here is the URL of our reply to Kingsly John's "open letter":
> Here is my response to your reply...
> Kingsly

I assume that means that only "members" can use the website for "propaganda".

I don't see myself joining any list or attending any meet which I don't recognize to be what they claim to be. And I have clearly stated it in my open letter from last year.

Yes this is a private mail, and I'm making it public. Here is the original mail with headers.

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