Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!
Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!


Back in 2003, I was using a CDMA2000-1x mobile phone(LG2030 from Reliance Infocomm) for internet access which connected over the serial port. So though the data service was capable of speeds over 144kbps. The serial port was a bottle neck at 115kbps. (We had a similiar problem back in 1998 when the company I worked for was using an 128kbps ISDN TA but it wasn't critical back then because we rarely got to see 128kbps speeds)

I discovered viahss , a kernel module for the 2.4 series of kernels which allows to increase the speed of serial ports of Via motherboards.

I "ported"(for want of a better word) it to work with the 2.5/2.6 kernels, it wasn't much effort at all thanks mainly to excellent documentation about the differences between the kernel versions on Linux Weekly News

You can download from the latest version from the official site.

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