Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!
Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!


I did my schooling at St. Pauls High School in Hyderabad (class of 1993) and St. Mary's Junior College in Hyderabad.(1993-5)

[To do: seperate pages for school/inter/college]

My Parents moved to Goa in 1995 ... but as I was ineligible to attend college in that state, I had to move out.

I graduated from SNR Sons College in Coimbatore with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.(1995-1998) Coimbatore is the worst city I've lived in so far ... and hopefully the worst that I'll ever live in!

From Feb 98 to August 99 I worked at NetPeople in Coimbatore. For the first 3 months I was working part-time ... though I probably spent more time at work than in classrooms!

Netpeople was an amazing place to work, You'd be reading a drastically different story life here if I'd not been at Netpeople! I doubt if I'll ever get to work in a place like that ever again.

From Sept.'99 to Dec.'99 I was in New Delhi, helping setup a TCP/IP based dialin network(somewhere between a BBS and the Internet) that could be accessed by the general public for free

After a 2 month stay/break in the UAE,(where the market for linux related stuff was practically non-existant) I returned back to India in Feb 2000 and decided to strike it out on my own providing linux/*nix based solutions and have been living in Bangalore since.

I was pretty active at the BLUG for a few years and was the co-ordinator for a year(May 2002-2003) and was part of the organising team for LB/2001 and LB/2002(The first two editions of one of the biggest opensource events in this part of the world).

This allowed me to meet real flesh and blood people once in a while instead of just dealing with IM Handles and Email Addresses! (Almost all the new friends I've made in Bangalore are from/linked to the BLUG.). It also taught me a lot about human nature and other unsavory things that seem to go with money and power.

April 2004 - I started my own company. I intend to focus solely on foreign clients and maybe apply for a 100% EOU status sometime in the near future.

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