Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!
Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!


These are some of the other things that I do.. (will probably move them someplace else if I decide to update any of them regularly)


I collect stamps, coins and notes from around the world... Haven't done much trading in a long long time.. I find myself mostly adding to the collection these days. So if you happen to visit/live in some exotic faraway place... send me a postcard.[I've had some really bad experiences with people sending me currency notes by mail :-(]


I guess I still watch the same amount of movies as I used to in the past... but my visits to the cinema have dropped drastically... initially thanks to the lack of decent halls in Bangalore and the attrocious entrance fees.(Other than Symphony/Rex none of the others were worth paying even 50% of what they charge). Now with all the multiplexes around we have decent viewing options albeit at 2x the old rates. But I seem to be going through a retro-phase and end up watching old classics at home


This is more of a non-interest now, I used to be addicted to TV when I was in school/college and somehow managed to follow just about every show and music video on every channel.. but off-late I hardly watch much TV .. gave up on cable in mid-late 2004.

Sometime late 2000 I realised that the TV channels tend to make you change your schedule to match theirs! Makes more sense to pay more and rent a movie than watch it on TV as you can do it on your terms and without commercial breaks!

Have been cable free since mid-late 2004, These days the only tv program I regularly watch is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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