Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!
Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!

Grand Theft Auto

I found a demo of this game on an old PC Quest CD ... it was pretty outdated by the time I first tried it out .. yet the whole concept was novel.

Your objective to is to rob cars, kill people, and kill more people and terrorize a whole city. Though the graphics don't compare to Doom or Quake's a cool game which gives you a oppurtunity to do all those things that you can't do in real life!! ;-)

I have yet to get the full version ... I tried searching for it when I was in UAE.. but all I could find was add-ons but the base game itself was not available ... but it doesn't matter really because I don't try and complete missions anyways!

GTA2 has more animation and better camera angles... but the colors in the demo were not very appealing ... it's a time limited demo unlike GTA .. so I still play the original demo ocassionally.

GTA3 was released summer 2002 ... still waiting for it to be released in India.. this is one game I plan to buy for sure... because it has a similiar concept as the previous two.. but the graphics has improved leaps and bounds... is now in full-3D ... and the PC-Version is supposed to be better than the PS/2 version!

Oct 2002.. picked up GTA3 ... amazing stuff.. my TNT2 Ultra has definitely reached the end of it's life... I'm forced to play at 640x480 16-bit ... and I think the game is also using low quality textures... the radio stations are awesome.. Chatterbox with Lazlow is hilarious... most of the stuff the callers talk about is somehow linked to the happenings at Liberty City or something the other callers to the show talk about.

GTA-Vice City is due for release in May 2003... hope it comes to India faster than GTA3 did... and the radio stations have improved too... it features real hits from the 80s ... and Fernando Martinez (of Fernando's New Beginnings) has a show/radio station of his own! :-) .. you can find some sample sounds from the 7 radio stations here

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