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Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!

Gabriel Knight

The Gabriel Knight Mysteries are probably the best mystery/adventure game series out there ... Jane Jensen creates a very realistic gaming experience (esp. the characters) even if the subject deals with things that are imaginary... my wardrobe probably resembles Gabe's from the first part in the lack of variety!

The game is about a Schattenjáger(german for shadow-hunter) going about solving mysteries with his Assistant Grace Nakamura (who is the brains of the team! though Gabe does come through at times! :-)

(January 2000) - I've just finished Gabriel Knight 1 ... and another long term game which I had played on my friends machine over 5 years ago!! ...and I couldn't set my eyes on another copy until Dec 99 ! Anyways with a 'little help'(towards the end) from Jane Jensen's book I managed to finish the game in <2 weeks.

(February 2000) - Finished playing Gabriel Knight 2 which is 6CD's long and has video footage and real actors!! It's not as good as the other games in the series because having real video limits the number of things that you can do/interact with the environment.

(December 2000) - Finshed playing Gabriel Knight 3.. A 3-D mystery set in France.. took me about 3 months playing on and off.

Waiting for GK4 !!!!!!!! ;-)

Update Jane Jensen has been sounding out fans for info on what kind of format they would prefer for GK4.. so I guess it would be out in about 2 years time as she's still not done with her other project

Jane Jensen is now working on a new game ... apparently Sierra was not too keen on GK4 ... I sure hope the new game will be as good the GK games were!

But for now it's RIP Gabe! :-(

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