Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!
Kingsly John - Everything You Didn't Need To Know!

The Unofficial BSNL Dataone Resource

This site is neither affiliated to nor endorsed by BSNL in anyway.

You can find the official website for the Dataone service here.

Disclaimer: While I make every effort to keep the information in this section accurate and up to date. I do not take responsibility for anything else. So if something mentioned on this page makes you eat your router, vice-versa, or if you end up turning off the internet, you are solely responsible for it, not me! You can use this form to contact me regarding any content/changes.

While I try to be OS agnostic, Linux is my primary OS and a lot of stuff here might be linux oriented.

I'm just a subscriber of DataOne (ADSL2+ service from BSNL), and maintain this page containing information that other DataOne subscribers would find useful that is not found on their official site.

I'm not affliated to BSNL in any other way.

A bit of reorganisation is in order as a single large html file was hard to maintain, I'll be breaking up the original FAQ page into a more categorised one.

The original FAQ page. - covers a whole range of topics. -- Last updated: Tue May 9 12:35:46 IST 2006

NEW!! Dataone Metering system b0rked - a list of known flaws with the metering system used for Dataone. -- Last updated: Tue May 16 16:26:04 IST 2006

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